Batman vs. Superman Fan Predictions


So, I was on CBM reading an editorial about Batman vs. Superman and I came across this genius comment by titletownreo where he planned some different things for the future DC Cinematic Universe and even some plot details for Batman vs. Superman.

-Military has the Kryptonian ship

-In public, Lex Luthor describes his hatred toward Superman, when in secret he is obsessed with Kal-EL.

-Star Labs/Luthor are using human technology + kryptonian to make a clone = Bizarro. Eventually perfect process and in next MoS movie, they create PowerGirl as a weapon.

-Luthor creates his power suit out of Zod’s armor left on construction site, and creates Metallo out of the Kryptonian metal

-Clark is busy with his job at the Daily planet and saving people. One of his first tasks is to interview Luthor after Metropolis’s reconstruction. Luthor disses Supes when Clark is the one interviewing him = awkward

-Batman sees Supes as a threat. Bruce buys the Daily Planet, flirts with Lois because it was announced on television that she knows who Supes is.

-Batman and Superman fight…[insert JL: WAR bats meets supes scene]Supes beats Bats at first…”What are you going to do, snap my neck?…Clark!”

-After BvS, Batman returns to Gotham for a solo movie = Under the Red Hood.

-Martian Manhunter crash landed on Earth and has been imprisoned in Star Labs HQ for decades?

-Victor Stone cameos as a football player early in the movie, visits his dad at StarLabs, gets exposed to Alien technology, …–> turns into Cyborg. Wakes up, is able to switch from appearing human to robot with cloak wiring technology.

-Aquaman is pissed off that Atlantis was damaged due to the World Machine in the Indian Ocean causing the king to surface in the first time in centuries

-Ares is hypnotizing and disguising himself as politicians in an attempt to start WW3. And even uses Arthur’s anger against him making the Atlanteans declare war on the surface.

-Steve Trevor is flying a jet through the Bermuda Triangle when his instruments malfunction and is forced to crash on an island (aka: Themyscira)

-WW is nominated to be sent to Earth to stop the incoming war. Jon Stewart cameos in WW solo film as a Marine.

-Hal Jordan recruits Jon Stewart as a GL to help attempt to stop Darkseid and his army millions of light years away

-In GL film, Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan partner with other GL’s and other aliens to fight Synestro and his YL’s who are fighting for Darkseid

-Jon Stewart meets Hawkgirl in GL film(s) = romance

-In JL film (2 parts), the trinity calls on all heroes. = Batman, Superman, WW, Flash, GLs, MM, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Green Arrow, and Aquaman to fight Darkseid

-Flash makes several easter eggs in Newspaper Headlines in the Daily Planet. Gets solo film after WW. During JL movie, Flash goes too fast to beat a boss, speed force becomes unstable…vanishes. In Flash solo film after JL, Barry wakes up in another universe = Justice Lords story + Flashpoint Paradox

-Captain Marvel aka Shazam gets solo film. After JL movie, the Justice League are viewed as heroes. This film will pay homage to the traditional characters of the DC universe and will explore what it means to be a hero in the eyes of a child or a fan. Maybe a scene where a younger Billy Batson is playing with JL action figures (traditional costumes), lol?

-Somewhere after more sequels and solo films, Superman: DOOMSDAY. Doomsday is destroying everything and all other JL members are incapacitated except a couple from the original seven. Batman breaks Luthor out of prison, and Supes asks for his help (he enhanced Doomsday). Lex agrees because he knows what a huge threat Doomsday is, and because he’s been in prison for years. Lex gets secret-awesome-power-suit (that was meant to fight Supes with) helps Supes fight Doomsday. Batmobile gets destroyed, Batman almost dies, Luthor in his one act of goodness dies trying to save the Earth. Lex’s impactful death causes Superman to fly Doomsday into space and throw him into the Sun. But no amount of sunlight can heal him now, and Superman falls from space to Earth in dramatic Dumbledore fashion. Funeral Scene = TONS OF APPEARANCES. At funeral, MM gives epic quote, “The immigrant from the stars that taught us we could all be heroes.”

-blah, blah, blah, Superman comes back, blah, blah, blah

-Last movie = Man of Steel: Kingdom Come. Yeah, baby! Badass Old Supes and Bats! Focuses on the path of the new generation of heroes, the deaths of several members of the JL, and Bruce’s and Clark’s friendship.

Tell me what you all think and would you like to see these predictions come to light?


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