5 Things A Green Lantern Reboot Should Do To Effectively Contribute To The DCCU


– Give a quick origin story


We’ve seen quite a bit of origin story movies at this point and we don’t really need another one. If they want they can explain Hal Jordan’s origin in about 2 minutes if they do an opening credits sequence with a monologue from the actor playing Hal. If they avoid spending too much time on the origin we can have more time to know Hal Jordan as an adult and a Green Lantern. We also have to be introduced to Oa, which is full of other great characters yet to be explored on the big screen. You can easily give history between characters by referencing something that happened in the past for example, in ‘The Avengers’ Black Widow references one of their past missions together in Budapest establishing their relationship as working partners. My final reasoning for this is that we’ve already seen his origin story, If you really want to know it, they had a movie called Green Lantern back in 2011, it may have been a mess but it still explained everything it needed to.

– Use another lantern as a villain


Using parallax, as a villain in the first Green Lantern movie was a mistake, also Hector Hammond looked terrible, it was just a messy film. I think they should’ve stuck with Atrocitus as the story has various elements from Green Lantern: Secret Origin, which is a great origin of Hal Jordan. Using Atrocitus will open doors to other corps members and will cement the existence of other corps within the universe that they are creating. Also by using another Lantern as a villain it shows Hal Jordan just how powerful they really are and gives him automatic experience for when he will fight Sinestro and Star Sapphire in the future.

– Introduce John Stewart

John Stewart 

In this day and age all of the people who are the prime audience viewing these movies most likely grew up watching the Justice League animated cartoon, which explains the confusion of many when we saw a white Green Lantern on screen in 2011. I have read in multiple places and reviews people complaining that they used the “white” Green Lantern instead of the “black” one. This is good because it means that there is an audience for black superhero movies, and that people obviously watched the Justice League cartoon series that most likely became the definitive version of the Justice League for most of the mainstream audience.

– Establish other beings in the universe

Darkseid & Mongul 

Warner Bros. has something special with Green Lantern; they can easily establish interstellar threats and beings easier than say a Batman or Flash movie could. In Man of Steel we saw Superman very earthbound and by that I mean he didn’t seem to explore the universe or know anybody other than his adoptive family. The characters they should introduce or at least make Green lantern have some ties to are Darkseid, and Mongul, both pose threats to the Justice League and would make for a spectacular showdown, especially with Superman.

– Do NOT be overly dark and gritty

Yes, I know this is Warner Bros. style of CBM’s but for the dynamic of The Justice League to work there needs to be different personalities, and the first step to establish a diverse cast personality wise is to make this movie lighter. I am by no means saying make it the tone of The Avengers but maybe the tone of Thor it was dramatic yet light and funny, it’s one of my favorite Marvel Studios flicks. One obvious reason this movie needs to be lighter is because we already have dark characters, Superman is now a darker character with blood on his hands and Batman is a dark character as well, they need to make sure not to depress the audience in Justice League, that wouldn’t be good for people to come back to view it again. Green Lantern, in the new 52 at least has a sense of humor, and I love that bouncing off of Batman and now it could bounce off of Superman and it would create a unique dynamic that benefits the universe.

 I hope you enjoyed reading the article and tell me, what do you think a Green Lantern reboot needs to do in order to make the DC Universe better?


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