‘Sly Cooper’ movie makes a statement for video game movies


The trailer for the Sly Cooper movie which is coming out in 2016  came out yesterday. I was and am still a huge fan of the Sly Cooper video game franchise which I have playing for the last decade. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was for the movie when heard and saw the trailer. I thought it showed some of the clever wit of the franchise, specifically with the donut police scene. it also showed clever banter between the characters. I felt like I was watching one of the short story lines from the games that took place between the missions. It brought back memories of the beginning of the first game from 2002. I personally can’t wait until the movie and when we get more information on it. However perhaps the most interesting part of the trailer was at the beginning which showed it was being produced and distributed by Sucker Punch who made the original 3 games, excluding the most recent 4th one which came out just last year. This shows that video game movies are being made by the same people who made the video games with their own story lines and own designs. There essentially isn’t an actual middle man and this could change the future of all video games that are potential movie franchises. Tell us your thoughts below whether your familiar with the game or brand new to the franchise.


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