Gal Gadot Signs “3 Movie Deal” With Warner Bros.


With the success of last summer’s Man of Steel, Warner Bros. is going full steam ahead with their intellectual properties. They had already green-lighting a sequel before the premiere of Man of Steel that as of now is still to be named officially but is commonly referred to as Batman vs. Superman. In the past couple of months we’ve gotten some big pieces of news most notably Ben Affleck will be playing Batman and Gal Gadot will be the first to present the Princess of Themyscira herself Wonder Woman on the silver screen.


In this current continuity movies like Green Lantern, Superman Returns, and The Dark Knight Trilogy haven’t necessarily happened and are not in canon with Man of Steel and the new DC Cinematic Universe. Batman vs. Superman is potentially the biggest comic-book movie of all time, with rumors and speculation coming out non-stop. The movie will bring the two biggest superheroes of all time together for the first time on the big screen, Batman and Superman. This will take some commitment from the entire cast and crew, which leads me into the actual story.

DC Trinity

DC Trinity

According to the translation by Batman-News‘ source, the actress will earn $300,000 for her appearance in Batman vs. Superman which leads me to believe that her role may involve minimal screen time or the studio is embracing the Marvel Studios model of signing talent for cheap and for the long-term. She also admitted that her multi-picture deal involves three films. These three films could be anything but I am hoping for them to be Batman vs. Superman, Justice League, and a Wonder Woman solo.

Warner Bros. has a long road ahead of them creating a universe with such rich iconic, characters. We can only hope that Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot can bring Batman and Wonder Woman to life the way they deserve to be. Catch Batman vs. Superman in theaters on May 6th, 2016 (WOW).


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