What a ‘Black Panther’ Movie could look like



Act 1: Back Story- Wakanda was a thriving nation and a very advanced Nation in east Africa. With a very smart and creative population. They have many deposits of the metal vibranium which came down from meteorites. Many people wanted these deposits for many years. Even the U.S. government had gotten the vibranium to make Captain America’s shield out of. Seemingly Wakanda had no problems, but had been receiving threats of attacks by many wanting its precious vibranium. T’Chaka the current king of Wakanda as well as the current Black Panther is doing all he can to keep Wakanda safe and protected. One day a powerful and loud gust of wind breaks through the city’s barriers. The wind is coming out of a strange man’s hand who is taking out many soldiers and innocent people. He eventually makes it to the palace and calls himself Klaw. He then swiftly kills the king and leaves T’Challa as king and Black Panther. To the surprise of everyone, Klaw didn’t take anything, except knowledge.


Act 2: T’ Challa now 10 years after the events of act one is in his 30s. He is leading a nation in turmoil. The ruthless White gorilla cult is taking its tole on the city. Instead of outside groups this is lead by local men and outcasts. They are lead by M’ Baku who is a former soldier who fought for Wakanda honorably. He was a celebrity, but now he however has fallen from grace after trying to usurp power from T’ Chaka years before T’Chaka was killed. He tried attacking the royal palace, but never breaks through. Finally on the anniversary of T’Chaka’s death he breaks into the palace. His soldiers and he maim and kill most of the palace guards and soldiers. He finally sees T’ Challa in his Black Panther suit. They know they must fight and one of them may die. they have a very violent battle. Man- Ape wins, but before killing the Black panther he tells him he is the reason of his fathers death. Man- Ape  tells Black Panther that he hired Klaw to weaken Wakanda’s barriers and to send a message and scare the people and to kill T’Chaka. As Black Panther is lying on the ground he slashes Man- Ape with his claws and Man – Ape falls to the ground and finally a large group of soldiers grab the White Gorilla Cult. When Man-Ape is about to be exiled Black Panther interrogates Man- Ape and ask him how he became so powerful. Man- Ape tells T’Challa that he kills White Gorillas eats their flesh and bathe in their blood. T’Challa is surprised by this revelation. T’Challa was surprised by this revelation. For the Black panther eats a heart shaped herb which gives him a mystical connection and powers. He then tells Man- Ape that the next time they meet one of them will die. Man- Ape is then exiled.


Act 3: After being exiled Man-Ape leaves the White Gorilla Cult. He then bathes in White Gorilla blood everyday for hours as well as eating their flesh for hours everyday. Man-Ape is then on his way to Cape Town, South Africa to make his presence and power known to the world instead of just the isolated Wakanda. T’Challa then finds out by his advisors that Man-Ape is making his way to Cape Town. T’Challa then goes on his way to fight Man Ape. Police and soldiers are easily defeated by Man-Ape due to his immense strength and weaponry. When everything begins to look grim for the city Black Panther runs towards Man-Ape and has a battle with him of epic proportions. Man-Ape then attacks a parking garage that is under a mall where he knows there are many people. Man-Ape continually slams through the pillars that are in the parking garage that are under the mall with his strength and bombs. Then when the garage is almost ready to collapse, which would kill or hurt everyone in it and the mall, Black Panther begins to win the battle and deters Man-Ape from hitting anymore. Black Panther reminds Man- Ape of what he said to him before he exiled him. He told him the next time they saw each other that one of them would die. He slashes Man-Ape and pushes him into a pillar. While Man- Ape is weakened Black Panther slams him the face repeatedly and knocks him unconscious. He has remaining officers and soldiers evacuate the parking garage. After everyone is out Black Panther leaves just watching Man-Ape. Man- Ape laughs as T’Chala is walking away with his mask scratched and torn. The parking garage collapses killing Man-Ape. Black Panther thanks the good samaritans. T’Chala then returns to Wakanda. In Wakanda everyone celebrates after they find out the death of one of their greatest foes was dead. Black panther still however wants to find Klaw in order to seek vengeance for T’Chaka’s death. Then he thinks he hears a loud sonic noise. He then however is dragged to a celebratory dinner with his friends and advisors.


Act 4: ( End Credit Scene) A man in the shadows walks up to T’Challa in his palace. T’Challa asks him how he got in. He said he had his ways and that T’Challa wasn’t the only rich genius whose home he has broken into. Of course you see that it’s Nick Fury. He compliments him for what he did in Cape town. He ask T’Challa if he has heard of the Avengers and then the screen goes black and the credits roll.

Important to note: Most if not all of what has been said will probably never happen if and when this movie is made. This is just a cool way to start off the character and potential franchise.

Who I’d like to see play Black Panther and Man-Ape:

Black Panther: Chiwetel Ejiofor or Chadwick Boseman. Both of these guys have proved themselves to be competent actors this past year. Also, Chiwetel has just been nominated for an Oscar which is never a bad thing.

Man-Ape: Far more challenging, I could see Andre Braugher play the Man-Ape definitely. He is a great actor. I could also see Denzel Washington play Man-Ape. Once again it never hurts Marvel to bring Oscar caliber actors like him.


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