What A Wonder Woman Movie Could Look Like


ACT 1: Back Story- The Amazons had a legendary battle with Ares where great numbers of lives were lost and their original home was destroyed so Zeus granted the amazons a new island that will be guarded by the gods that will be hidden from mankind at the will of Hippolyta their new queen as the old one died in battle, Ares…Zeus’ Son has been stripped of his power by this magic metal bracelets that prevent him from channeling energy from War so he is just about Mortal Status they only keep him alive because he is family of Zeus. The lock him away on a prison on Themyscira their new home.Steve Trevor’s (military) plane crashes on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, where he not only discovers this island of “paradise” aka Paradise Island but he discovers it’s inhabited by an all female warrior race secluded from society. By tradition, when someone comes to the island for whatever reason they send one of the sisters to escort them back to their respective countries but since it hasn’t happened in over 70 years they must hold a championship to find a new escort as the old one was killed in battle by Circe. Princess Diana of Themyscira is excluded by her mother Queen Hippolyta but she disobeys her mother and disguises herself and wins the competition, her mother allows this because she knew Diana was capable but she just wasn’t ready to let her leave. On the other side of the island a storm is brewing when Ares (God of War) escapes from prison with a rogue amazon who killed another Amazon (who you fall in love with earlier in the movie.)

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman

ACT 2: After a montage of Steve and Diana hanging out and a couple of jokes they go to the mall and she says “is this some kind of temple?” And he replies “Yeah, for people who worship their credit cards” *chuckle*. She tries Ice Cream and loves it and this can be the part of the movie that brings out her human side. After the date is over she fights some guys in the ally with the help of Steve Trevor and she shows off her strength and he likes em strong. Deimos finds Wonder Woman and fights her. Blah blah

Ares (God of War)

Ares (God of War)

ACT 3: Wonder Woman fights Ares in Washington D.C. basically live-action version of this fight Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKGx7v6KcX4). All of this happens right after Man of Steel like a week after the events and Superman is still recovering from the trauma and public shock that aliens exist so he’s in hiding hence why he doesn’t appear in this movie. After all of this happens WW meets General Swanwick who has been promoted to General of Extraterrestrial Affairs in partnership with S.T.A.R. Labs and then the events of Batman vs Superman happen (nothing in the movie happens where WW is needed at the beginning just for the sake of my outline and I couldn’t write this obstacle out. Wonder Woman appears in the movie for some small role maybe just as Diana or at the end to assist with the big showdown with whoever Batman and Superman are fighting and her character is established.

Facts about my movie:

1. This movie takes place before Batman vs. Superman it’s a prequel/explanation for WW being in America

2. She is in BvS hopefully only in the final act because then it will make sense.

3. She is an agent of the military after this movie and only meets Superman when he comes out of hiding and the govt. sees him for the first time in months and he’s already acquainted with Batman so she can meet Batman but he does NOT work for or with the military but Bruce Wayne develops lots of their tech and he owns a part of S.T.A.R. Labs.

Side by Side of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Side by Side of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


3 thoughts on “What A Wonder Woman Movie Could Look Like

  1. Good article sir! Some good ideas – I really hope Ares is the antagonist in her first standalone film (as those who are not familiar with WW’s rogue gallery will be familiar with Ares from mythology).

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